Making Great Strides in Foot Health

Here is an article written by Karen Eure Wilson that was recently published in the Oyster Pointer

Somewhat off the beaten path, you stumble upon Affiliated Podiatrists, P.C. Here, foot specialists, Dr. Howard Roesen and Dr. Arthur Wolfson combine wisdom, wit and care to keep their patients on their feet. Their slogan, “Quality Foot Care for a Lifetime” not only reflects the level of service they provide; it also speaks to the foundation on which their practice was built.

Established in 1942, the practice began with Roesen’s grandfather, the late Dr. Hyman Seltzer. “My grandfather started the practice in downtown Newport News with one wooden chair, and he charged 50 cents per foot,” says Roesen.

Roesen joined the practice in 1992. “Growing up around this profession and in this community, it’s no surprise that I’m here,” Roesen says. He reflects, “I definitely knew that medicine was right for me when I worked at a summer camp for kids with different medical problems.”

Wolfson relocated from Detroit to join Affiliated Podiatrists as an associate in 1986. “Dr. Hy Seltzer, Dr. Steven Seltzer and Dr. Duane Myer brought me in; besides, the warm climate was a draw and I had permission from my wife,” he laughs. “Since I was about five years old, my whole life was directed toward medicine.” He continues, “My initial plan was to be a neurosurgeon; however, this provided me the opportunity to have a practice that involves surgery and gives me a less stressful lifestyle.”

Roesen and Wolfson provide complete foot and ankle care to diverse patients of all ages. They estimate that while men tend to have more traumatic injuries, their patient load is about 65 percent female and 35 percent male. Roesen observes, “We are treating more hammer toes and bunions, aggravated by shoe choices.” They both agree that success to them is when they are able to provide immediate relief to someone in pain.

Roesen and Wolfson credit the success of their partnership to their commonality. “We both completed our residencies at Kern Hospital in Michigan, and we share the same philosophy of getting patients better with conservative treatment whenever possible,” says Roesen. They are both certified in foot surgery by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, members of the American Podiatric Medical Association and Fellows of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

With the two operating through their three locations – Newport News, Hampton and Carrolton, Virginia – they rely on the exceptional support from their 10 employees.

They are also thankful for their families. Roesen and his wife Lisa have two children. He enjoys tennis and runs in various triathlons. Wolfson and his wife Sherry also have two children. He is an avid cyclist and the captain of a cyclist team, “TheKiller Bees” that participates in various fundraising events throughout the year.

Both Roesen and Wolfson seem to have found something that eludes many – balance. They not only talk and teach about healthy lifestyle habits, they live them. They also care about being good stewards of their time and talent.

Says Roesen, “Success for me is being a good person and having people consider me a good friend – it is making time for the people who care about you and will miss you when you pass away.” Wolfson adds, “You have to find contentment and happiness where you are in life. You have to leave a nice mark where people have positive memories of what you were able to give in time, energy and love.”

From its small beginnings to its operation today, the quest to provide quality care and service stands firm – Wolfson and Roesen remain committed to “keeping Virginians walking.”

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